When Chaos Comes To Town

by The Stayns

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Nine songs shaped by the Tasmanian landscape and the people that call it home. Cheers to all who come to our shows, bought us beers, danced and had a wild time!!!


released July 5, 2014



all rights reserved


The Stayns TAS, Australia

We're a Tasmanian Folk/Punk band who have been been playing gigs in houses, at pubs and on festival stages for the last couple of years. We've loved getting covered in sweat, drinking tasty beers and playing for you all.

After some work and time we are proud to release our new album "When Chaos Comes to Town" its nine songs shaped by the Tasmanian landscape and the people that call it home.
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Track Name: Make It To The Moon
I've got a house in the bush that I live in
Theres a garden fresh and green
Theres a creek flowing cool and clean

Mountains are what I climb
When I feel like getting high
We've all got our own mountains to climb
I've got my reasons
Your one of them

Take these two hands and this guitar
Together with my feet, they'll get me far
But not far enough from you

This head is trying to think
As this heart is struggling to feel
We'll drink on into the night
Until nothing seems real

But we'll make it to the moon one day
Whisky and goon, they are my fuel
When I'm dancing in the milky way
I'll be dancing there with you

Stories will be told
Some are new, some are old
Thats all we've been doing all along
Making it up as we go
You walk fast
I walk slow
And I'm noticing things
That I never would've seen before
Track Name: One Spark
I sit outside
And sleep has given up on me
From the roof of my house
City lights flood out like the sea

I'm not sure where I'm going
But I don't think I'll come back
I'd rather die out there
Than here from a heart attack

One spark starts a fire
One drop starts a flood
He's no friend he's a liar
And theres no god above
We're not thinking enough
Some of us aren't thinking enough

I'm doing the best I can with what I've got
Stop your complaining little baby
Its a hell of a lot

Oh shit we lost control
But I never really had it at all
Its a beautiful thing
She's a beautiful thing

One man starts with nothing
One man has too much
Greedy men and woman
You're a sick, sad, selfish bunch
Sick, sad, selfish bunch

Well one spark starts a fire
And one little drop, well yeah that starts a flood
And he's no friend
He's a liar
And I do not believe that there is a god above
I do believe that we're not thinking enough!
Track Name: Old Sea Dog
He wakes, to the sun
Shining through the window
There is only one
Pulls on his trousers and a shirt
Picks an apple from the tree
As he walks down, walks down to the sea

At the pier the boat waits for him here
Worn hands on worn rope
Let the mooring lines fall
A captain with no crew sails through harbour walls

Let the wind take you
Drift along now
A long way away from feet on the ground
Uncoil the lines
Like you have many times before
See what you can catch
Then return to, return to the shore

Rice and fish a simple meal now
Drink the whisky
Blow out the candle
And lay your head down
Wait for the day, you've never seen before
Wake up get dressed
Walk out the door

When the waves rise up and give the sky curves
The man takes the ropes
With the steadiest of nerves
Trust in your arms
Hold her steady now
When the wind changes
Makes sure your ready to bring her around

Whole life
Drifting on the waves
The cracks in his face, they count the days
And he'll never forget when it took her away
Down in the depths
Thats where she lay

So he screamed to the sky
And he looked to the sea
You've taken my love
But you'll never take me
With the wind in my sails
I'm alone and free
Alone and free
Track Name: Burnie
Hey man
With your thumb to the left
You're accused of murder and theft
But you're innocent
You've done nothing wrong

You might be dirty
Yes sir your not clean
No doubt after the things that you've seen
But there aint no hate in your heart

Bad people
Doing worse things
They don't care about the sorrow it brings
They waste and wonder why
They're not quite happy tonight

Good people they are there
Dont take me for a blind man
Who doesnt care
The ones with the least
Always have that little bit more

And I've noticed in my few years
We are animals like the wolves and the deer
But we aint so natural anymore
Changing things that are wild and pure

Well I always knew that it would catch up
Well stranger look down at your cup
Is it half full
Or were you greedy like me and sculled it down

Do you need help getting home
When you get there are you sleeping alone
Blaming the world for being a hard place
You gotta get up
This ones for you

I might be paranoid
I could be conspiring
But this society is slowly dying
Held down in debt
Those people are crying out for new days
We need change

Stuck in an old man
Mother fucking capitalist ways
Track Name: The Devil's Brew
Come on down
Dance around
You don't don't have to worry
About your feet touching the ground

But if your greedy with the devils brew
He's gonna reach through the earth
Just to get to you

He's gonna drag you down
Smash your face on the ground
And he wants you to scream
But you don't make a sound

Well I cut away the garden
Just the other day
Woke to find the weeds and thorns had come to stay
But they left me a pretty view
One window of the hills and the forest
And skies of blue

Well I tried the doors but the locks were stuck
And those windows were all rusted shut
And I turned those walls upside down
But there was no escape to be found

So I sat with the devil
I looked out at the view
I can see where I should be
But now I cant get to you

Well he looked me in the eyes
And he spoke to me
You had plenty of time to be free
But you wasted
You couldn't take it

But theres plenty of time in eternity
So feel welcome to stay here with me
Or take this one bullet and use it well
You wont go to heaven
But you wont be in hell

So I found that rifle
That was left to me
And I returned that bullet
To where it was meant to be

I said devil you played me well
But I don't believe what what your saying
So fuck off back to hell

And I shot not maim
I shot to kill
Only the devils weapons will do my will
And he fell with a smile into ash and smoke
What he said to me
It was no joke

Well I'm still sittin in the house with the view
And the rats and crows are doing what they do
It could have been a year
Or a century

If I had my time over
That bullet would have been for me
And when my eyes fall on this place
I hear him laughing at my mistakes
He fooled me
Yes he fooled me
Track Name: Rollercoaster
I ride this roller-coaster
Until the sun gets closer
And my wings burn and die

Well I've been sleeping on the floor
Fuck this I need my rest
And then maybe I'll take that test

This is fucking manic
People start to panic
As I sit and laugh and cry

I look across the room
Your sitting there with a look on your face
That says to me

People are pathetic
Are they just dumb or is it genetic
I raise my hand to fill my alcoholic demand

When I look up
Your heading my way
What should I do
I shit my pants
I'm a dropkick
Your an angel
Well I'll buy you a drink
We know whats happening here

I ride this roller-coaster
My legs are swinging
Those god damn birds have gone and started singing

I take a walk and when I look into the gutter
Scum and broken glass
Well it makes me wonder

Theres a lot of talking
Theres a lot of cash
Theres a lot of politicians
With a lot of stats

We can put a man on the moon
And have a nuclear stash
But we still don't know how to take out our own trash
Track Name: Scum City
Well I woke up in the morning
And fuck it I felt great
I ran naked down the hall
To the backyard
Through the gate

And I screamed to the morning
I'm no better off than yesterday
But fuck it I'm still young
And that job I'm working doesn't pay

I got that shotgun from the wardrobe
Sipped that whisky and the rum
I drove down to the bank-house
Felt the trigger between my finger and my thumb

And I walked into that establishment
Of that modern wealthy man
He's been stealing shit for ages
If you think I cant
Then I can

Well I know something
That you bastards will never learn
And I've been knocked on my arse at every second turn
But I'm still standing
Through the sunny and the grey
Still free and surviving
In a world that tears itself apart a little more everyday

Well come down to the best pub
In this scum city town
I know its building up
But tonight we're tearing it down

So tell that girl you love her
Because its gonna be alright
Well this is van Diemans
And the drinks are on that fucking bank all night

Well I've been many places and I've seen a few things too
And I know when I'm away that I'm coming back to you
We've got this island down south that we can all our own
This island called Tasmania
That we all call home

But we're young and we're wild and we're free
And you'll never gonna stop us
No you'll never chain me

Because I can breathe
This island and me
This island and me
This island and me
Track Name: The Stab
Cant sleep cos the room is spinning
Cant sleep cos the tap is dripping
Cant sleep cos the walls are closing in on me
Cant sleep cos I've forgot how to dream

I get out of here
Get out of here while you can

(Earth, Wind, Fire!!!!)

Concrete shoes are so comfortable
Concrete shoes are so cold
Concrete shoes are so comfortable
When I cut of my feet and crawl

I gotta get out of here
Get out of here while you can

It's been a long time since I've been out now
It's been a long in the real world
It's been a long time since I've been out now
With my imaginary girl

I gotta get out of here
Get out of here while you can

When you walk out the front door
Your not quite sure if you hear screaming
When you look at the sky
Look at the trees
They blend into one

Well you took this trip
Forgot the steps
Forgot the way back

When you look in the mirror
The eyes that stare back are black
Yes they're black
Yes they're black
Yes they're black
Track Name: When Chaos Comes To Town
When did we get to this
Living in a cardboard house on the street
There are no shoes on my feet

Out the window there is
Scum and smoke in the city air
Broken buildings everywhere

Well I see a lot of people, they're all around
walking, walking, walking down
Got to get to work
Got to get paid
Got to be the man that the devil made
Got to take the path that they did not choose
Can’t go wandering, there is too much to lose
Add up the numbers in this equation
And ask yourself are you living to the full
Are you benefitting from this whole fucking situation

But then chaos comes to town
With flood, storm and flame
And all those systems snapped like twigs
And there was no-one to blame
Financial institutions crumbled like ash in the wind
And all those modern supermarket families
They had forgotten how to live

When did you turn around and see it all
Play your songs to the street
Eat out of the dumpster
And grow your garden tall

Well I think its worth a thought every now and then
How would you handle things
If the world as you know it came to an end

Would you hold onto fire and burn your hands
Listen to the stories of a greedy man
Would you hold onto hate as a weapon and blame as an excuse

Would you take a step back and think for a while
Take a step back, think it all through
Think and smile
Its in your hands, its under your feet

Well I see more inspiration walking down the street
Than I do in the house of the elected seats
Tune out, get in tune, something’s coming for you
Tune out, get in tune, something’s coming for you

But then chaos comes to town
With flood, storm and flame
And all those systems snapped like twigs
And there was no-one to blame
Financial institutions crumbled like ash in the wind
And all those modern supermarket families
They’d forgotten how to live

Well its an honest fucking truth
You can see it everyday
There is power in your hands
Don’t let them take it away
Walk that path which seems best to you
We can break these chains
And get the message through